The Dangerous Influence of media messages

In spite of the spread of eating disorders since the pandemic, popular media continue to display images like this to encourage women (and men) to restrict food intake. These eating disorders re filling our hospitals, and are causing deaths, particularly in young people. Although there is overwhelming evidence that such images can lead to diseases like anorexia nervosa and bulimia, these advertisers continue to pander to the diet & fashion industry. This is grossly irresponsible and should be called out every time they publish such images and articles telling readers and viewers that happiness lies in losing weight.

I admire the courage shown by the writer to Dr June Alexander’s website “The Diary Healer” about challenging the evil of media pressure on women’s body image

“Since I’ve been in the recovery space, the weight loss ads that clog the airwaves every January make me feel targeted and triggered. I hit the mute button on the TV remote multiple times an evening to avoid hearing the grandiose promises. I avert my eyes too, so I don’t see the “now-happy” thin people, acting as though they’ve never been so full of joy; only after losing weight do they deserve to smile. I feel angry and sad at the same time.

For many women, the concept of body image involves beauty standards that have been foisted on us by our culture in one way or another. At the core of the goal to embrace my new self, is the belief that my body is my own and it never makes me more worthy or less worthy of dignity and respect, no matter how it looks. After being told by ED for so long that I was worthless unless I looked a certain way, internalising this belief is a challenge, but I’m ready. I’m ready to accept being a softer, cuddlier woman, no longer defined by sharp angles and xylophone ribs. The thought of becoming strong and robust, instead of weak and frail, intrigues and inspires me.”

From “The Diary Healer” by Dr June Alexander. Excerpt by Nancy Manther 6/3/23.


Using journaling to unite brain with body in eating disorder recovery | The Diary Healer

The start of a new year traditionally comes with resolutions and promises to improve or do better in some way. Before I was deeply entrenched in an eating disorder (ED), my go-to resolution was to lose weight. This was the popular thing to do, and still is, according to the weight loss advertisement…




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