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I am honoured to be the subject of this month’s “author spotlight” in the newsletter of the NT Writers’ Centre, March 2023. Since arriving in Darwin in the late nineties I’ve been involved with its writers’ centre, and was elected to its Board five years ago. As the current Vice-President I am working to increase First Nations representation both on our Board and as members of our writers’ centre. Please encourage any of your Indigenous friends who would like to contribute their skills and wisdom t the literary life of the Northern Territory to contact the NTWC at .

Here is an excerpt from the newsletter of NT Writers’ Centre:


Author Spotlight! Dina Davis
Latest book: A Dangerous Daughter (Cilento, 2021)

A brief synopsis: 
Based on a true story, A Dangerous Daughter describes the power of the mind to heal. Set in 1950s Australia, the novel exposes the prejudices and stigmas of mental illness, especially anorexia nervosa. We follow protagonist Ivy through her struggles to survive, her triumphs over adversity, and the amazing treatment which eventually saves her from impending death.

Your writing ritual/process for this book:
 Drawn from my own early life, this novel was challenging to write, entailing a visit to my painful past. The determination to reach out to people with a similar struggle to my own, and to offer them hope, kept me going through the stops and starts. The encouragement of my writing group and their honest feedback was invaluable throughout the five years of crafting A Dangerous Daughter.

Any tips you’d like to share with other writers? 
The idea that writing is Perspiration not Inspiration illustrates the importance of daily practice, even when we don’t feel like writing. Set a regular time of day to write and stick to it, even if you manage only a few hundred words. Like any activity, regular practice and commitment to the task is essential for success. Ignore negative influences, especially that pesky critic in your head!

Dina’s website or join Dina’s Monthly Feedback Group

NT Writers’ Centre

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