Dina’s Summer Newsletter

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Joyous Summer Solstice, and Happy Holidays to Everyone!

What a year this has been! I hope yours has been as exciting and fulfilling as mine. Since my Spring newsletter, the BuildUp and now the Wet have visited the TopEnd. It’s a mixture of despair and delight as we swelter in the humid heat, then open our arms gratefully to receive the cooling rain. There’ve been thundering storms splitting the sky with lightning, followed by that special smell of cooling earth and fragrant plants. Like the trees and flowers, we humans are filled with gratitude for the kindness of nature.

Bird flight over Darwin Harbour

BOOK SIGNING This month I had the privilege of signing my books for the Christmas rush, at “The Bookshop” in Darwin’s CBD. I am always thrilled to know people are still reading “Capriccio” and “A Dangerous Daughter”.  Most libraries now carry copies of both books, and they are also available from Amazon and most online bookshops here:



Recently I received this review of A Dangerous Daughter from a reader on Amazon:

Reviewed in Australia on 5 August 2022

5.0 out of 5 stars Verified Purchase

Psychoanalysis – a patient’s account- an important contribution: ‘A Dangerous Daughter’ by Dina Davis

“It’s a relief when psychoanalysis is so often denigrated, to read this book and learn from one who has experienced it and found healing as a result. This book is precious. It takes its place alongside other such patient accounts, describing how the presence and acceptance of an analyst helped a very young girl find language for experience. And saved a life. It also shows that psychoanalysis was alive and well in Australia during the mid 1950s. There are multiple ways of doing research; psychoanalysis certainly does not lend itself to the RCT method or the standard evidence based research methodologies. But the plain, simple experience of relationship and connection as well as internal exploration, to reach understanding, which is, in part what psychoanalysis is about, is clear to see.”

Thanks to this reviewer, who was commenting on the psychoanalytical aspect of A Dangerous Daughter. If you would like to write a review on any other aspect of this book, here is a link:




This Poetry Anthology was launched this month at Taminmin Library. Poets from near and far gathered together to celebrate this year’s achievements. I am proud to have three poems included in this beautiful book, published with the assistance of the NT Government.

Here I am reading one of my poems, “Strictures”


My brain, they say

Is like my gut

My gut, however

Has been cut.

Which leaves my brain

A tad truncated,

Some bits burnt off

Some age related.

Grey cells grow back

With any luck.

Not so, sadly

Will my gut.

I’ll do my best

With what remains

Of cells and lobes

In both my brains.

© Dina Davis 2022


As well as some high points this year, I’ve had some lows: long Covid for one, which has been debilitating and worst of all has halted my progress on my new manuscript. working title “Aviva: A Novel”. A sequel to “A Dangerous Daughter”, this novel will be a long time coming. My best Christmas present will be the renewed strength and inspiration to complete the task and bring my readers the further adventures of Ivy (Aviva) Morgenstern.


Till Next Year,


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