A Reflection on the Joy of Swimming


McIvers Women’s Baths Coogee

This beautifully written article by Jane Messer encapsulates the liberation and delight felt by a woman in immersing her body in the women’s pool at Coogee. I love Jane’s use of humour, and the poetic language in this piece of creative non-fiction. Jane is a fellow Varuna alumni who I keep in touch with. We are part of a group of authors who meet daily by zoom to write. The discipline of this regular meeting is a wonderful antidote to writers’ block, and the support and encouragement of other writers is invaluable.

I myself have never swum in the Coogee Women’s pool, being too self-conscious of my flawed body, and also afraid of the slippery rocks and freezing water. In high summer, however, I love to swim in Bronte’s Bogey Hole, a natural rock pool adjacent to Bronte Beach, where even at high tide the current is gentle enough for an inexpert swimmer. In the NT, where I mostly live, one cannot swim in the ocean year-round with its perils of crocodiles and stingers, especially in the Wet season from October to May. I have, however enjoyed the safe waters of the beautiful Buley Rockhole in Litchfield Park.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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