Readers’ Feedback

I am always happy to receive feedback from my readers, whether positive or otherwise, provided it’s honest and respectful. Here are some of the many responses I’ve had from the “chat” form on my website. If you have anything to say about either of my books, or any of my articles, I’d be delighted to hear from you. SImply go to the “Contact” form on the top menu, or click here:


On A Dangerous Daughter (from a psychoanalyst at the ACPP Conference, Feb 2022)

Dear Ms Davis, I was fortunate to hear you speak at the recent Australasian Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies (ACPP) conference, along with Christine Brett-Vickers. Listening to the significance of your treatment with Ivy Bennett, and the ramifications had access not been possible, I am moved to write to you regarding an issue currently threatening both clinical practice and patient access to psychodynamic and psychoanalytic psychotherapies in Australia, with the hope you might consider providing a patient / consumer perspective. We are in the process of seeking patient and consumer responses to this document and I wonder whether you might be interested to provide a perspective. 

On my keynote speech at the Australasian Confederation of Psychoanalytical Psychotherapists February 2022

A wonderful honour for you, and a great gift and learning experience for the conference attendees. They were indeed fortunate to have an articulate and passionate speaker with personal experience and deep knowledge of the psychoanalytic process.

On A Dangerous Daughter (from the mother of a teenager suffering from anorexia, July 2021)

My 13 year old daughter was admitted to hospital last week. It’s been nothing short of traumatic as you would be well aware. I believe you will be at a signing at the Bookshop Darwin on the 31st of August. Do you think it would be something I should bring her (Jazzy) to and have her involved with your book, to help her journey? Touch wood she may be released from hospital by then….We are at Stabilisation stage 2.5. She is eating so well and her mindset is fantastic. Unfortunately her heart and blood pressure are still unstable, but improving daily.

The launch of A Dangerous Daughter

Feedback from a medical academic and practitioner, 2021-22

Congratulations Dina. Wonderful to be able to share this special time with you. I am so proud of you.  It was wonderful to see and hear you, and learn more about the genesis of your book. I hope that the launch is a great success. You certainly deserve the recognition and publicity it will bring.We can only hope that as the science evolves, stigma, guilt and blame will be consigned to the dustbin of history. Your courage in sharing such a challenging and very personal journey is a gift to us all, and of course those who battle eating disorders. You have my greatest respect and gratitude.

On Capriccio (November 2021)

[Dina Davis Author] Creativity and Mental Illness: Sigmund Freud and Sylvia Plath
This is a striking piece of overarching writing. I could see where it was all going. Overall very clean. A fascinating and thought-provoking article,. Thank you for sharing it.

On Sylvia Plath (November 2021)
A very impressive poem, is Daddy. I can understand why you have so much feeling for her life. Your study and your sharing validate Sylvia Plath and honour her.

January 20, 2021 

On Capriccio (November 2018) 
Having just read Dina Davis’ Edge from her novel Capriccio left me wanting more! Having had a relationship with Ted Hughes in Cambridge for a couple of years before emigrating to Australia I am interested in all the related literature. I did meet him and Assia on a subsequent trip home. I have recently sold his correspondence to me to the British Library. Here is a link Ito the piece I wrote about this.

Shared with permission from Elizabeth Hicklin


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