A Word from my Publisher

I am fortunate to be the first author invited to publish by Cilento’s Author First Initiative. Last year I was thrilled to receive a call from Co-Founder Evan Shapiro, inviting me to submit the manuscript of A Dangerous Daughter to be under this wonderful initiative. This quality small press invites only one author each year to submit a manuscript, and if it meets their stringent criteria Cilento will publish the book independently. 

Unlike with my first novel, Capriccio, I made no financial contribution to A Dangerous Daughter, so that Cilento Publishing bore the cost of editing, designing, uploading and printing this novel. Thus I can proudly claim it to be traditionally published rather than self-published.

I am eternally grateful to Cilento for their meticulous editing, wonderful design, and most of all patience and understanding while I went through draft after draft, until the manuscript met Cilento’s high professional standards. 

A Dangerous Daughter was launched on 24 June 2021, in Darwin NT. I doubt this book would have arrived so speedily to the shelves, online, or into your hands without Cilento Publishing’s wonderful initiative to authors. Thank you Evan Shapiro and all at Cilento. 

I was thrilled to receive these encouraging words from my wonderful publisher, Evan Shapiro of Cilento Publishing, a member of the Small Press Network:

A few words from the Publisher of A Dangerous Daughter 

A Dangerous Daughter by Dina Davis is our first book released through the Authors First initiative, our exclusive publishing program for quality works of literary fiction submitted by invitation only. Works in this program are independently published by Cilento Publishing, a member of the Small Press Network.

I’d like to congratulate Dina on the release of A Dangerous Daughter, the inaugural work published under Cilento Publishing’s Author First program. Through this exclusive initiative we seek to publish quality works of literary fiction and I can’t think of a better author or work to get this exciting program started.

Once I’d finished reading Capriccio the idea of publishing Dina’s next work was clear and present. I’m very pleased that she decided to trust Cilento Publishing with this important, insightful, and expertly crafted work. All books are special to authors, but this one I knew was of particular importance to Dina and it’s been my great pleasure to help her realise its publication. Dina has worked tirelessly through our rigorous traditional editorial process with our chief wielder of the red-pen, Leone Sperling. It’s not a process for the faint of heart but it certainly proves your metal, and Dina has done that in spades. 

I’m proud to publish A Dangerous Daughter, but more so I’m proud of Dina and her commitment to her story and artistry. 

Congratulations from all at Cilento and I wish the book every success.

Evan Shapiro


Cilento Publishing, Sydney


Australia      US                               UK

Paperback and ebook online 

Amazon Aus link  https://www.amazon.com/Dangerous-Daughter-Dina-Davis/dp/0645175811

Launch Link www.facebook.com/events/934507613995116

Facebook: Dina Davis, Author

Twitter: DinaDavis5

Instagram: dinadotlea


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